HI PROFILE – Story Of My Life (Original Mix)


Download on Beatport : https://bit.ly/3rL9znJ​ It was a strange year … Not just for me but for everybody. We all lost something last year but I believe we have also found something. Time for our families. Time for ourselves. Time to see what really matters for us the most. For me it was my family. During this period, I’ve found the time that I wanted for them. Time was always my enemy and after so many years of traveling at last I was finally home without knowing that I have to leave again for the weekend. Every day for the last 10 months, I’ve spent a lot of time in my son’s room, playing. My inspiration was only him & my wife. So when I decided to produce a new album I said to myself that I want to create something from my heart. So that people can see exactly who am i, what I have inside me & what I really like to produce. Not music for the likes, not music for the drops, not for the money, not for the views, not for the follows, only proving who I am & what I can do. Just an album “From my heart” that people can enjoy…as I do. And it’s finally here. On the 12th of February it will be finally out by DM7 Group I wish to all of you FROM MY HEART all the best for you and your families. 💚💛🧡❤️💙💜🤍 CU ALL IN THE DANCEFLOORS ”” Cover by : Rene // Cover DesignerJr

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