DUSK – The Tempest


DUSK – The Tempest { new single February 2021 } Stream on Spotify: https://smarturl.it/dusk_the_tempest​ Buy on Bandcamp // iTunes: https://smarturl.it/DuskTheTempest​ The Tempest emerges from the depths of the Sea as an attempt to imprint our Time’s turmoil. People and our surroundings act as mirrors in a way. DUSK invites us to notice them and release the ones that distort our reflection. In this World’s rapid changing motion, with a sense of melancholic parting while relations and our way of living are challenged, it’s important to remember that the greatest battle and truth are within one’s self. Lyris: Down by the Grey shore She stumbles and crumbles Carrying her brown bag Full of Mirrors and harms Harking through the Waves murmur Gentle lullaby of her charms She draws out the Mirrors Laid down in a Circle Now people’s stares Carve her face full of fears One by one she throws them in the Ocean Clear in the Water her Reflection she sees Written, arranged & performed by DUSK Produced by DUSK Mixed & Mastered by Panos Tsekouras @ Top Floor Studio, Athens Cover Photography & Artwork by DUSK Contact DUSK : Booking & Licensing inquiries: dusk.pr@gmail.com www.facebook.com/DuskAvgi https://www.instagram.com/dusk_avgi/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCne1…​ *A special thank you to Anunca, Matina & Danai for keeping the Light On.SHOW LESS

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