Chris Oblivion – Living Trance (Full Album//Original Mix)✯ 1db Records ✯


Chris Oblivion – Living Trance (Full Album\\Official Audio) ✯ 1db Records✯ Released:2020-02-03 —————————————————————————— 01▶Overseas (Original Mix) 02▶Barut Hana (Original Mix) 03▶Last Drops of a Waterfall (Original Mix) 04▶All I Have (Original Mix) 05▶Nevereverland (Original Mix) 06▶Don’t Be Afraid Tonight 2020 (Original Mix){Chris Oblivion feat Sissy} 07▶Lost Frequencies (Original Mix){Chris Oblivion & Greg Staikos} 08▶At The Gates Of Desert (Original Mix){Chris Oblivion & Soundpass} 09▶Nightwatchers (Original Mix){Robert Vadney & Chris Oblivion} 10▶Overseas {Chris Voro Remix} —————————————————————————— What is Trance for you ? For us, is the people involved and their emotions. And what a better way to describe you our thoughts about trance with this masterpiece album full of personal experiences from the Living Legend of Trance in Greece ,Chris Oblivion.

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